What You Should Look For When Buying A Scuba Diving Light

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When it comes to buying a scuba diving light there are several things you should consider before deciding on which one to buy.   Below we will give you a list of some of the things you should look for to help in your decision-making process.

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scuba diving

Study Bulb Types

As you might know, there are hundreds of different types of bulbs out there, some are brighter than others, some last longer than others, the possibilities are endless and deciding which one to purchase is… kind of difficult. Here’s a little guide to it all: tungsten and halogen bulbs cost less but use more batteries and are blurrier, while HIDs (high-intensity discharge) and LEDs (light-emitting diode) are more costly but are more effective. Aside from that, the LEDs and HIDs last longer than other types of bulbs, yet LEDs stand out the most because they are further durable, strong and more energy-efficient than the HIDs.

Seek “Water-tight” and “Pressure-proof” Labels

When you’re looking for a scuba diving light, avoid all of the lights labeled as “waterproof”. I know it sounds weird, considering things, but even if these lights can resist water, they will not bear up to the pressure of profound submersion, and the last thing a diving light should do if going out all of a sudden for being crushed under pressure. Look for lights with the labels “water-tight” and “pressure-proof”. The labels explain themselves, the lights will be apt to go underwater at the same time they will resist the pressure if you dive a little deeper than usual.

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Go for Rechargeable Batteries

The batteries of dive lights can burn out really quickly depending on the frequency you use them while you go diving, so the best way to go is to purchase rechargeable batteries to avoid any kind of inconveniences for inefficient batteries. Besides, rechargeable ones are cheaper and you would be reducing landfill waste by using one.

Choose Your Favored Design

You should feel comfortable with your newly acquired light, so pick up one that you like. Though a personal recommendation from my part would be the flashlight style, which is presented in a variety of sizes, counting with small handheld lights for day dives, along with lantern-style lights for night dives. 

Yet, another good option would be to invest your money on a canister light, since they are much clearer than the flashlight style.

Overall, these are the main aspects to keep a close eye on while looking for a new scuba diving light, yet the main ones are always related to your personal situation. Like, if you will be performing daytime or nighttime dives very often. Or how deep will you be diving during those dives? More important than that, what’s your budget?

You need to keep in mind all of these things when you go out to look for new equipment, because, as you know, the most luxurious equipment is flashy and all but it’s not always the best like I told you with the different bulbs, and some pieces of gear vary in their features according to what they are labeled as. Do wide research, and try to stick as much as possible to the advice that I just handed you. All of that said, have fun in your future dives!

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