Predisposing Factors of Decompression Illness

There are a number of predisposing factors that can lead to decompression illness even when all of the appropriate guidelines and safety factors are followed. Some factors are at the mercy of the environment, such as water temperature and elevation. Other factors are physiological and pertain to each individual person, which can change from day to day and the techniques you use in the execution of your dive, ascent, and decompression.
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Underwater Photo Photography

It’s fair to claim people share one common motivation for becoming certified scuba divers: The underwater world is full of amazing things to see. Living tropical coral reefs, shipwrecks laden with historical artifacts, and caverns with ancient geological formations offer unique and exciting visual experiences to those choosing to explore them as divers.

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What Are All Those Ugly White Spots in My Picture?

Backscatter… the nemesis of every underwater photographer, is a potential problem even in clear water with high quality photo gear.

Backscatter is caused by the reflection of strobe light off particles (crud and sand) in the water back into the lens of the camera. These reflections cause bright highlights (white spots) to appear in your image. Depending on how close and large the particles are, how wide your lens is, and what angle and how close your strobe or strobes are to the camera, determines how many, how large, and where the white spots are on your pictures.

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Cave Diving on Merritts Mill Pond

by David Miner

Map to the Mill Pond

Merritts Mill Pond is located just outside Marianna, Florida in the Panhandle part of the state. It is easily accessed via I-10 from either the east or west.

Merritts Mill Pond is over four miles of crystal clear water, beautiful cypress trees, and steep hills lining its banks. The Pond’s beauty can only be measured in geological time periods because at times you feel as if you returned to the times of the dinosaurs when nature was untouched and unmarked by human existence. There are some homes on its banks and many other signs of human interaction, but Merritts Mill Pond is still an extremely beautiful place.

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