SCUBA Diving Levels Explained: From Beginner To Expert

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There are different scuba diving levels and you need to know which you belong to before you sign up for the next dive. It’s important to know your skill level before you go for your next level and this would also help you check the right box when you are going for scuba diving lessons. It’s obvious to know you are beginner if it’s your first time but beyond that how do you know your scuba diving level?

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Your skill level is very important in knowing your scuba diving level. The number of dives you’ve taken does not determine your skill level, however, your ability to control yourself and your equipment determines your skill level. Once you can determine how good you are in scuba diving, your instructors will know if you can handle deep diving, shallow diving or just basic diving.

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What Are The Different Scuba Diving Levels

There are different scuba diving levels and you need to know which you fall into before going for your next dive. Your skill level or ability to control yourself and your equipment is the thin line between being a novice and an expert scuba diver.

Beginner Diver

As a beginner, you are still learning the basics of scuba diving, but you have not mastered any. Here, you need some help and guidance to enable you  get a hang of the whole thing. You are getting to understand buoyancy control and different fining technique such as frog kick, helicopter turn, reverse fin e.t.c. You may get a panic attack when you are in a tense situation or when you are fining out of control, you just need to take it easy on yourself and know that you are just learning and not a master yet. Try to learn the basics of scuba diving, master them gradually till you get to expert level.

Intermediate Diver

As an intermediate scuba diver, you have gotten some level of experience however, you are not yet a master and may panic in some tense situations. You need to know how to adjust your breathing, without fear, you need to be aware of your environment before you could be considered as an intermediate scuba diver. Try your diving skills in different types of water- Freshwater, saltwater and low visibility situations. Diving in just one type of water or situation does not improve your skills or help you become a better diver. Exploring different water types and situations can help you gain different levels of experience. So, broaden your horizon and try new waters to conquer your fear and reach a greater diving level.

Advanced Diver

When you can adjust your breathe and navigate through the water like you are in control then you have reached the advanced level. As an advanced diver, you are aware of your environment and you know the best ways to transverse through water. You know the best ways to control your breath and remain calm in tense situations. You know how to take care of your equipment and also rely on them. You also know important diving techniques and when to employ them. Diving is almost as easy as walking to advanced scuba divers.

Expert Diver – Dive Master

An expert does not just know the diving techniques but is also adventurous, this is what differentiates an advanced scuba diver from an expert. An expert is willing to explore new waters, broaden his horizon and conquer new waters & situations. Expert scuba divers don’t just dive in different oceans they try places like caves and caverns. Most times they end up being instructors if they have the certification. Before you can get the expert level status you need to be certified.

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It is very wrong to assume that the number of dives you can take makes you an expert diver. What you need to become an expert diver is patience and practice and with time you will definitely become an expert diver. You have to go through the process of being a beginner, intermediate to the expert level.

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