Diving Guide: Decompression Illness

What is Decompression Illness?

Decompression sickness is the name given to the damages instigated by a fast reduction in the pressure that surrounds a person, of either air or water. The ones that tend to suffer it the most are scuba or deep-sea divers, even though it also can occur to people during high-altitude or unpressurized air travel.…


Cave Diving: Beginners Guide To Cave Diving

Cave Diving Basics

As the name describes it, this is the type of diving that is done in water-filled caves. It’s exciting! And yes, a little terrifying. But I don’t think you should limit yourself the experience just because you’re scared. This article is for describing to you what you might encounter when you start with this new sport and to help you gain a little knowledge about the requirements it might bring to you. …