Underwater Video Overview

Shooting video of the Eagle Wreck, Islamorada, FL - Photo: Steve Straatsma

For the recreational diver, shooting underwater video is one of the best ways to re-live a dive. Video captures images with the added elements of motion, time, and sound. The marine environment is loaded with unique animated creatures. Their behavior, and even character, is best represented on full motion video.

Recent advancements in consumer level technology have made it more practical for recreational divers to participate in underwater video. Systems have become smaller, more feature packed, simpler to use, and of course, less expensive. The quality of the images they record are better than ever thanks to advancements in CCD sensor technology and DV (digital video) recording formats. Thus, it makes sense for a diver with interest in underwater imagery to consider video as an option.

In our Underwater Photo/Video section, we take a look at the equipment required for shooting underwater video and what to look for when selecting your components. We also look at basic techniques for shooting video and touch on editing and DVD authoring.