Technical Training

Technical wreck diving training is designed towards highly motivated individuals who desire to explore wrecks beyond the limits of standard recreational diving limitations. Technical wreck diving is making penetrations inside a wreck beyond the natural light zones, deeper than 130 fsw, and requiring stage decompression. Because of the lack of direct access to the surface and the potential for disorientation or silt-out, special procedures are utilized when exploring the interior portions of wrecks.

Technical wreck diving training involves taking a course or series of courses from a training agency such as TDI, NAUI, PADI, IANTD, or GUE. Technical wreck diving training is designed to provide you the skills and knowledge needed to gain the experience and minimize the risks in penetrating wrecks, decompressing, and diving to depths greater than 130 fsw. Throughout the training, you learn the skills needed to plan and execute dives that take you deep inside a wreck.

Photo: Steve May