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ESONET’s Official Newsletter Q3 2009 – Volume 5

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Q1 TRAVEL DESTINATION: Diving in the Bahamas – Bimini, Grand Bahamas, and San Salvador

The Bahamas are an archipelago, situated towards the west of the Central Atlantic, north of Cuba and comprise of over 700 islands and are a combination of the rich Atlantic marine life and the best surroundings of the Caribbean. Bahamas holds an important place as the world’s top five diving sites, as the vertical walls and reefs covered with abundant corals and sponges, along with a lot of wrecks and blue holes, offer great visibility to some of the most spectacular, plentiful marine life.

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European Sea Floor Observatory Network (ESONET)

Looking to be completed by 2011, the European Sea Floor Observatory Network (ESONET) is being developed by international research institutions who are collaboratively spending roughly 300 million dollars to build it. There are 11 primary European partners listed in the main document (

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