Steve Straatsma

Steve Blue Hole diving in Cay Sal, Bahamas

Steve first started shooting underwater in 1973 with an old Brownie camera in a plastic housing in the springs in North Florida. He graduated to a Nikonos III and Sea & Sea strobes in 1978, and was encouraged to continue progressing by winning two categories in the Florida Skin Divers Association photo contest that same year.

Steve’s primary interest over the years has been photography in little-documented places, primarily deep cave sites, as no one else was doing this until Wes Skiles advanced the activity with multiple strobe cave photography, a technique which I promptly took up.

The Nikonos II was my weapon of choice as it would go deeper than any other Nikonos or housing (over 300 feet) and still function, using the superb Nikonos 15mm lense and either Sea & Sea or Ikelite strobes. Over the years Steve has dad photos published in Skin Diver, Sport Diver, Advanced Diver Mag, Readers’ Digest, NACD and NSS/CDS Journals, and numerous newspapers, books, and local magazine articles.

Steve converted to digital photography with Nikon/Aquatica/Ikelite equipment in 2004. “Digital is truely an incredible media…the possibilities are endless!”

You can see other pictures of Steve’s in various parts of Steve has been a kind and gracious contributor to, and we want to thank him for that!


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