Specialty Certifications

There are numerous specialty courses you can take to advance you diving skills, comfort level, and experience. Each of these courses specializes in specific skill sets and techniques and can improve your overall knowledge about diving and open up new diving opportunities. Some of the certifications listed below require specific prerequisites, so it’s important that you contact your local dive shop or training agency to find out everything you need to know before signing up for a course. Some of the specialty courses are:

·         Night diver
·         Underwater photographer
·         Search and recovery
·         Hunter and collector
·         Cavern diver
·         Cave diver
·         Wreck diver (no penetration)
·         Wreck diver (penetration)
·         Ice diver
·         Deep diver
·         Nitrox diver
·         Training assistant
·         Scuba rescue diver
·         Advanced rescue diver