Spearfishing Overview

Spearfishing is a challenging underwater adventure. Spearfishing is hunting fish while either diving using scuba or free diving. Spearfishing is the act of using a device, such as a speargun, pole spear, or Hawaiian sling to impale a fish underwater and then bring it back to the surface. Fish are generally speared for food, just like deer hunting or any other kind of hunting. Spearfishing is an underwater sport that requires skill, knowledge, and the following of regulations and conservation. Skill is required to accurately hunt and shoot a fish underwater. Knowledge is required to understand how and where certain types of fish live and congregate. Knowing the local regulations and laws governing spearfishing is extremely important for safety and conducting yourself appropriately. Finally, conservation is important if you want fish to be available in the future. Shooting everything in sight or taking fish just because they are there is not the type of attitude a conscientious spearfisherman should have. Follow the local laws, only take what you plan on eating that night, and don’t shoot fish just for the sake of killing something. Fish numbers have dwindled all around the world and conducting yourself appropriately is the only way to make sure there will be fish for the future.