Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is a former prison island that is about 19km or 12 miles from Perth, Australia. Noted as one of the biggest dive sites in Australia it has over 100 different sub dive sites within it. There is a great array of limestone over hangings, various wrecks and even a sunken grotto which can be found in the Fishhook Bay area. There are no cars allowed on the island so you will need to rent cycles to get around. You will also need to rent all of your diving gear which is available from one of the many stores on the island. A visitor map will suggest to you a range of trails to ride on that will lead you from one dive site to another. Your private sea garden is just a quick journey away and you will easily see why Rottnest Island is such a tempting place to visit since it has so much to offer.

The island itself is actually very small compared to some of the other islands, standing at 11km long and only 4.5km across at its widest point, but it is the surrounding coral and abandoned wrecks that give the island its true depth and makes the actual area feel huge. The full area has an A Class Reserve which means that no land ownership is allowed and that the Western Australian Government charges a landing fee to all visitors. This is done to keep the island fully self-maintained and protected for not only the land above water, but also for below the ocean. The waters there are warmer than other diving sites around Australia since it sits directly within the Leuwin current which is a specific water stream that mixes a huge amount of heat with the water, making it a very pleasant dive.

Rottnest Island has a huge amount of limestone caverns so you need to make sure that you take a torch with you so that you do not miss out on these once in a lifetime opportunities to explore the surrounding area. The diving conditions, regardless of which site you choose from the massive 200 plus sites, will be pristine no matter what the weather. This is one of the special promises that Rottnest Island can make. When you dive down you experience a blast of beauty from the hundreds of different varieties of fish, sea grasses, sponges and different soft corals.

There really is something for everyone; from snorkelers to basic trained divers, intermediate trained divers and even expertly trained divers who may want to check out the West end of the island because that is where the deepest dives can be found. There is an abundance of options when choosing a diving company to take you on guided tours. Some companies offer specific packages at a discounted price that includes your transfers and accommodation on a boat. The unique mixture of sea quality, sea warmth and sea clarity makes Rottnest Island a one of a kind place to visit without a doubt.


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