Recent Diving Events In Australia 2011

Australia is no stranger to diving events and each year it hosts certain events which are renowned for their prominence. Also, new events are springing up all the time to celebrate one of Australia’s biggest assets – diving sites along the Great Barrier Reef and beyond. 2011 has started with a big bang as diving events have sprung up everywhere and here we are going to relive some of the best that have graced the coral so far:

Sundive Byron Bay Photo Shoot-Out

This annual diving event is aimed at taking pictures of undersea life while diving. It is the Sundive Byron Bay Photo Shoot-Out at Byron Bay, NSW, Australia. This event will be held from May 22nd to May 30th 2011 and is expected to be a complete success. Sponsors donate prizes that are to be handed out to the winners of the competition. The winners are kept secret right until the last minute on the 30th so that it gives other divers the time to take some pretty amazing photos of the coral reef and the life surrounding it. There have been some very famous photographers discovered at events like this and this is why these types of events are important. Documenting everything that goes on down deep in the water is important to our future generations so that they can see exactly what the area was like during our life time. Every competitor is awarded something which makes this even unique. There is great diving, great dining and fun entertainment is provided. This event is not as big as others in Australia, but it is just as important so that diving as a leisure activity can be passed on and enjoyed.

OZTEK’11 – Diving Technologies Conference & Exhibition

This favourite Australian diving event has been going on now for seven years and is always hosted in a big way to make a true impact and splash on the diving community. The event itself targets those people who love and truly understand what it means to dive and appreciate the world below the sea. It showcases all the latest diving technology and knowledge that the world has to offer. This exhibition provides a large group of international speakers and presenters that really know their stuff since they are considered experts in the diving world. There are seminars, workshops and showcases, and exhibits that have everything from the latest regulators, re-breathers, dry suits, compressors and much more. They even give all of the local operators, retailers, resorts and charter companies a chance to show off all of their latest wares, prices and information. This event is very big and, if you are into diving, should not be missed.

This year Oztek’11 was hosted at Australia Technology Park in Sydney, Australia and was held between the 12th and 13th of March 2011. The press and diving community gave the OZTEK’11 a huge review and it was the talk at all the social events so far this year.