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Would you like to share your latest dive adventure with us? Would you like to write a trip report about your experiences and all the fun you had diving? Well, you can! Whether is was just a one-day diving experience in your local area or a week-long live-aboard trip to an exotic location, we would love to hear about your experiences and diving adventure. Share with everyone what the diving was like, what you saw, and how much fun you had.

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Free Diving World Records

The following world record links take you to AIDA’s website, which is the worldwide federation for breath-hold diving (free diving). AIDA manages and oversees the recognition of records, organizes competitions, and sets the standards for free diving education.

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Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is a former prison island that is about 19km or 12 miles from Perth, Australia. Noted as one of the biggest dive sites in Australia it has over 100 different sub dive sites within it. There is a great array of limestone over hangings, various wrecks and even a sunken grotto which can be found in the Fishhook Bay area. There are no cars allowed on the island so you will need to rent cycles to get around. You will also need to rent all of your diving gear which is available from one of the many stores on the island. A visitor map will suggest to you a range of trails to ride on that will lead you from one dive site to another. Your private sea garden is just a quick journey away and you will easily see why Rottnest Island is such a tempting place to visit since it has so much to offer.

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Florida & Caribbean Video Library

This is a video depot of current short films maintained by DivingInDepth.com. Note: All videos require Windows Media Player.

To play the videos: Click on the images to play

West Palm Beach Diving

Turks & Caicos Islands Wall Diving on Provo

Dry Tortugas
Dry Tortugas

Jackson Blue Cave Dive

Snapper Hole East End, Grand Cayman

Blue Springs Orange City

Free Diving Training with Performance Freediving

Little River Cave Dive

Ginnie Springs Devil's Cave System

Advanced Free Diver

Advanced or master free diver courses are geared to competent and comfortable free divers in safety and problem solving, proper technique, training, and equipment for advanced free diving. Competition standards and procedures are covered, as well as the psychological aspects of advanced free diving competitions. The course also covers static and dynamic apnea development and training. This course teaches you to dive to a depth of 99 feet (30 m).