DivingInDepth.com’s Official Newsletter Q4 2009 – Volume 6

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DivingInDepth.com has gathered, over the years, material that has been archived on the site. To make the information more available online, our site has launched five new sites to focus on our varied material:

– http://worlddiving.info – A guide to the world’s best diving destinations
– http://wreckdiveguide.com – a guide to wrecks, particularly on the East Coast and Great Lakes of the United States
– http://divinggearguide.com – a guide to diving gear for the recreational and professional divers
– http://floridadiving.info – A guide to Florida’s caves and springs – Florida offers a world class cave diving destination
– http://OceanFish.info –  a guide to ocean fish

Also …

Tony Liddicoat, a diver of 44 years and counting has just published his book “Five Bells” Job Done.  Tony has agreed to be interviewed and share some of his photographs with us. You can see his photograph’s here:


For DivingInDepth.com members, you can ask for a discounted addition of this book autographed by Tony at [email protected]

Q4 TRAVEL DESTINATION: Scuba Diving in Africa – Top Five Destinations

Africa being a large continent, it offers all kinds of diving experiences to right from the novice divers to the most experienced scuba divers.

Apart from the Red Sea, which offers diving experiences unique to it, most of the diving experiences that Africa offers are in the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean which lies in the east coast of Africa. African countries such as Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa and Madagascar are all rich in diving experiences. Cape Town, which is the tip of the African Continent, offers good diving experience because of the combination of the Indian Ocean currents and the currents of the Atlantic.

The whole of Africa is inundated with good dive sites, and for all those who look for that extra something there are still a fairly large number of dive sites which deliver what is expected. Experienced divers are starting to frequent Sodwana Bay, Mnemba Island and Inhambane which give the opportunity to dive and swim along with some of the large marine animals such as Whale Sharks, Manta Rays and different varieties of sharks



ARTICLE:  “Five Bells” Job Done by Tony Liddicoat

For an avid diver, this book is a must read.  Tony Liddicoat has been diving for over 44 years, and, as one of the book’s typists commented, “I don’t know how you’re still alive.” Tony pursued commercial, military, and recreational diving and his diving career has taken him all over the world. In 1981 he was named British “Diver of the Year”. The book includes chapters devoted to his time diving as a wreck excavator in Kenya, his military assignments in Germany and the Falkland Islands, as an Army diving instructor in Belize, and commercially and recreationally diving throughout Europe. I particularly enjoyed the wealth of pictures he has in his book, like the picture of He and Jacques Cousteau talking aboard the Calypso, the pictures of his time excavating wrecks in Mombasa Kenya, or his cover photo of him on Soldier Magazine in November of 1988.

Click here to read on… http://divingindepth.com/five-bells-job-done

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