Interviews Archive

Each month we feature different interviews with dive industry professionals. The interviews are conducted and sponsored by Joe Cocozza of Pod Diver Radio. Here are the interviews of past “interviews of the month.”

August 2007

This month POD Diver Radio interviews Brian Kakuk, former Navy diver, Bahamas Cave Explorer, and owner of Bahamas Underground


July 2007

Dr. Richard Vann of Divers Alert Network discusses oxygen’s affect on divers at depth


June 2007

Brian Carney of TDI talks about TDI’s TRIMIX program


May 2007

Dr. Richard Vann of Divers Alert Network on decompression safety


April 2007

Lamar Hires, Dive Rite President and CEO, Technical Instructor, and avid Cave Explorer, talks about Dive Rite’s TransPac BC Harness System


March 2007

Larry Green, Training Detector for the NACD, Advisor to TDI, and Cave Explorer


February 2007

Bob Sherwood, Training Director for GUE, talking about DIF-F class


January 2007

Philippe Cousteau Jr., Earth Echo International Organization


December 2006

Terrance Tysall, explorer and cave diving instructor of the Cambrian Foundation, talks about side mount and no mount diving


November 2006

Bruce Weinke, Los Alamos National Laboratories, RGBM tables and diving


October 2006

Barry Miller of Salvo Diving discusses the technology of HID underwater diving lights, which are used to night diving, cave diving, and wreck diving


September 2006

Ralph DiFanlio of the NSSCDS talks about gas management for cave diving


August 2006

Karl Shreeves, Vice President of Technical Diving at PADI


July 2006

Richie Kohler, Wreck diver and of Deep Sea Detectives fame

Listen in with celebrity diver Richie Kohler.


June 2006

Don Tipton, Underwater Videographer

This month’s interview is with underwater videographer Don Tipton on how to shoot video of sharks. Listen in and learn how to stay safe and still get some great video.


May 2006

Dr. Richard Vann of DAN, Vice President of Research

Listen in and learn about diving physiology and what divers can do before, during, and after a dive to improve their overall safety.