An Interview with Graham Casden at Ocean First Divers

Graham Casden is the Executive officer from Ocean First Divers in Boulder, Colorado. He was first certified in Belize in 1999 and became a DM in 2003 and OWSI in March 2005.

If you thinking diving is not very popular in Colorado, think again. As Graham told me, “There are more certified divers per capita in Colorado than any other state.”

Graham also graciously agreed to be a photographer for To see his pictures you can go here:

Question: What diving activities are you curently most excited about?

Graham: In 2005, I developed the idea for Ocean First Divers- a 21st century dive operation that combines the excitement and adventure of scuba diving with marine biology education and ocean conservation. When customers emerged from our training program, the idea is that they will be capable divers who have a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the marine environment.

Question: I have heard that Horsetooth Reservoir and Turquoise Lake are two popular divingt spots in Colorado? What are you favorite places to dive there?

Graham: I have no personal experience diving at Horsetooth Reservoir or Turquoise Lake. Aurora Reservoir is probably the most popular dive site in the area and it also has a sunken plane that serves as a decent wreck dive.

Question: Any upcomming events for the diving community in Colorado?

Graham: Ocean First Divers is involved in a number of ongoing events. A popular one is our monthly socials, put on in conjunction with “The Dive Club” ( refer to ). These events are free to the public and catered by a variety of different local restaurants. We can accommodate about 60-70 people comfortably and every month we have a different guest speaker.

Question: Who do you have lined up to speak?

Graham: Next month CU Professor Mel Cundiff is doing a presentation on Echinoderms and in April Dr. Alex Antoniou is coming from the Shark Research institute to discuss different diving and tagging expeditions to Sorocco and Guadalupe islands. We are also working with PADI on some online content that is still in developmental stages, combining scuba certification with different disciplines, as well as working with them to further develop a wetsuit reclamation program.