An Interview with Chris Kovaz of DiversOnly

Chris Kovaz  is currently Digital Media Director for You can hear him weekly on Divers Only Radio.  He is an active diving photographer whose photos first appeared on DivingInDepth’s website several years back. He graciously agreed to appear on our site again and do an interview!

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Chris, is a diving prodigy from Florida, but has traveled extensively all over the world. His love of underwater photography gradually developed after his father, Blaise, helped get him certified as a diver at the age of 12.  After receiving a 2-mega-pixel camera and an Ikelite housing from Blaise, his career had finally begun. He became much more accomplished after completing his first class with Stephen Frink in 2005. After the improvements made in that short week, Chris knew photography was his future.  Chris currently shoots a Canon 1Ds MarkII with a Sea Cam housing. Chris has been diving in extravagant places such as, Belize, the Bahamas, Utila, Roatan, the Galapagos, Fiji, and the Florida Keys.
Question: How long have you been involved in diving?
Chris: I have been diving since I was 11 so 15 years now.

Question: What equipment do you prefer when you dive?

Chris: I typically use full in Scubapro dive gear.  I shoot Cannon Cameras and lens.  Then I use a Seamcam housing system

Question: What are you favorite diving sites or countries you have visited?

Chris: My favorite sites I can’t recall off the top of my head but places have been the Red Sea and Fiji.

Question: What do think are the best diving sites in Florida? Any personal preference?

Chris: In Florida I Love Key largo Snappers Ledge and City of Washington. These are are the top 2 sites in my opinion.

Question: What events is Divers Only involved in now?

Chris: Right now we are getting ready for the trade show season and coming out with Underwater planet our own publication.