Frequently Asked Questions

Cave Diving  Training Questions  

Where do I go for cave or cavern training?

A number of training organizations offer different types and levels of cave and cavern training. Training organizations such as NSSCDS, NACD, IANTD, and GUE all offer cave and cavern training. Finding a dive shop in your area with cave diving instructors may be difficult. Typically, only dive shops that categorize themselves as “technical” shops offer this type of training. You may have to travel out of your area to find a dive shop or instructor.


How long does my cave or cavern certification last?

Once you receive your cave and cavern training, your certification never expires. There are no requirements for continued education or retraining every year. It should be noted that if you received your certification a long time ago and have not done a cave or cavern dive since then, you may want to retake the class to make sure you are up to date with current procedures, etc.


How long is a cave and cavern course?

Cavern courses are generally taught over a two-day period, which includes classroom lectures, field exercises, line drills, and a minimum of four cavern dives.


Cave courses range from two to five days. There are different levels of cave courses such as intro to cave, apprentice cave, and full cave each that require several days to complete.


Do I have to be certified to dive in a cave?

Yes. Cave and cavern diving require very specialized training. Diving in an overhead environment can be extremely dangerous without the proper training. Never try to dive in a cavern or cave without seeking proper training first.


What level of certification do I need to get cavern or cave certified?

Generally, advanced open water is required to participate in a cavern course. To begin your cave training, you must have completed a cavern course. Other prerequisites may be required, so it’s important to check with your instructor or training agency to find out everything you need to begin your training.


How much does it cost to get cavern and cave certified?

Each training agency prices their courses differently, but cavern classes average around $200.00 or more. Cave required courses average around $400 or more for each level. Check with your instructor or contact a training agency for exact amounts.