European Sea Floor Observatory Network (ESONET)

Looking to be completed by 2011, the European Sea Floor Observatory Network (ESONET) is being developed by international research institutions who are collaboratively spending roughly 300 million dollars to build it. There are 11 primary European partners listed in the main document (

Many underwater observatory stations will be developed as par of this project. ESONET is a proposed sub sea component of the European GMES (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security). The goal of this project is to provide “strategic long term monitoring capability in geophysics, geotechnics, chemistry, biochemistry, oceanography, biology and fisheries.”

There are 10 regional networks that are proposed in the following oceanographic regions:

Arctic – Arctic Ocean
Norwegian margin – Atlantic Ocean
Nordic Seas – Atlantic Ocean
Porcupine/Celtic -Atlantic Ocean
Azores – Atlantic Ocean
Iberian Margin – Atlantic Ocean
Ligurian – Mediterranean Sea
East Sicily – Mediterranean Sea
Hellenic – Mediterranean Sea
Black Sea

Only a small part of this region has been explored.

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