Eddy Wong

Eddy grew up in tempered coast of Peru, South America. At a very young age he received a snorkeling set as a gift from his father. Inspired by Jacques Cousteau’s documentaries, he spent every summer diving for shells and critters in the Peruvian ocean. His first opportunity to try scuba diving was in 1989, when he received his scuba certification in Tampa, Florida. However, he didn’t get his chance at underwater photography until 2004, when he purchased his first underwater setup, a Sony Cybershot DSC-P9 digital camera with a Sony MPK-9 housing.

Like many other divers that developed an interest in underwater photography, he started getting “blue pictures” with a basic and inexpensive point and shoot digital camera. Over the years, after practicing a lot and attending many underwater photography seminars and courses, he graduated from a point and shoot, to using a Sea&Sea YS-25 strobe, and eventually to a manual-settings capable Olympus SP-350, Olympus PT-030 housing, Sea&Sea YS-110 and Heinrichs TTL connector, which he currently uses.

Since Eddy developed his interest in underwater photography, he has traveled to Hawaii, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Belize, Cayman Islands and Honduras. Eddy remains a point and shoot digital photographer believing that an SLR is not an absolute requirement to get a nice underwater picture.

Eddy is an advanced open water diver and currently resides in Revere, Massachussets. His interests are in software, travel and underwater photography. He has also started a company, Yellow Tang Software, dedicated to developing software for the scuba industry.

Eddy has documented his travels and has chronicled his evolution as an underwater photographer with many tips, course notes and lessons learned on his blog http://purpleink.us/blogs. He can be contacted at [email protected]