Diving In Port Douglas

Port Douglas is an amazing diving area that is a large tropical area in the North of Queensland, Australia. It is a popular holiday destination for a wide range of reasons that include the dive sites surrounding it and the sheer beauty. Certain areas have been designated as World Heritage Areas which shows how beautiful Port Douglas is and how much it needs to be protected so that future generations can enjoy everything we enjoy today. There are two World Heritage Areas; the Great Barrier Reef and the stunning Daintree Rainforest. Port Douglas itself is a small village and it has a small population, but it does have a big heart and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the dive sites in the area. There are plenty of places to rent all of the equipment you will need to go diving and/or snorkeling.

As previously stated there are several sites to go diving. One of these sites is a place called Split-Bommie that is abundant with the delicate and serene fan corals. The area is also known for the amount of different types of fish with schools of fusiliers specifically. The water is clear, very warm and the visibility is brilliant so that you can take in all that the underwater world has to offer without too much trouble. Barracuda Pass is another local dive site that is well worth taking a good look at as there are some huge giant clams and also a special treat of the coral spires known as the Cathedrals. The coral spires are a real treat because you can swim in between them, making a really great photo opportunity for anyone who wants to take a camera down with you. The Barracuda Pass also has a multitude of coral gardens where you can catch up with all of the different species of fish that are common to the area. For those who want to snorkel then the Agincourt Reef is great for you as it is not as deep as the other dive sites, making it perfect for those who are not as experienced as others.
These are just some of the sites that Port Douglas has to offer. Its vast number of dive sites makes it easy to please everyone regardless of how experienced they are as a diver. There are even diving schools in Port Douglas that you can visit to brush up your skills, learn new skills and if you are a beginner you can learn to dive from scratch. Everything is very reasonably priced and you have a wide variety of schools available to pick from. A quick internet search will help you to find a reputable school that can teach you to dive and/or brush up your own skills right there at the dive sites as long as you are competent enough to be there. They will never take you to a dive site if they do not think you are ready for it. At Port Douglas they are very strict when it comes to safety as they are more than aware of the dangers of diving in certain areas if you are not experienced enough. They will take care of you as soon as you arrive right up until the day you leave.
There are more than 45 different diving sites within the Port Douglas area, some of which will require you to either hire a boat or go on a cruise or tour where you will have access to some of these dive sites.