Cave Diving Training Introduction

Cavern and cave diving training involves taking a course or series of courses from a training agency such as TDI, NSSCDS, NACD, IANTD, or GUE. Each of these training organizations offer training that teaches you to safely dive in an overhead environment. Being underground, surrounded in a body of water can be intimidating to the faint at heart, but if the exploration side of you longs to see what few have seen before and go places many only dream of, then cave diving might be for you.


Photo: Steve Straatsma

If you have an open water certification and are looking at getting into diving in a cave environment, you must first take a cavern course. If after successfully completing your cavern course, you feel that you want to pursue cave diving further, you then must enter a beginning cave diving course. The different training organizations offer basically the same training, but the names of the courses, prerequisites, amount of dives, classroom time, etc. may vary. Contact your instructor or training agency to find out exactly what they offer and what it takes to complete their courses.

Cave or cavern diving is extremely dangerous without the proper training. Cave and cavern diving requires special training, equipment, techniques, and procedures and should not be conducted unless you have the proper training. Don’t risk your life by thinking you should try cave diving to see if you like it before receiving the proper training. If you see the sign below and are not properly trained in cave diving, heed its warning.