Advanced Training

Most recreational wreck dives involve external surveys, however, limited penetrations are also considered recreational dives and are defined as involving no penetrations beyond the natural light zone, no deeper than 130 feet, and not involving stage-decompression. This type of training is designed to expose you to additional, in-depth training for the purpose of pursuing penetration […]

Wreck Guide

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Wreck – Gear Guide

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Wreck Diving

Scuba diving on shipwrecks has been around since people started diving beneath the sea. Shipwrecks offer a certain amount of mystery and lure and are invariably equated to sunken treasure. Diving on a sunken ship brings questions like: Where did the wreck come from? Did the people parish when this ship sank? What caused the […]

Recreational Training

Recreational wreck diving is classified as diving the exterior of a wreck, meaning that you don’t penetrate or go inside the wreck. Recreational wreck diving is defined as any dive on a wreck or object that is at a maximum depth of 130 fsw and is conducted within the normal no-decompression diving limits. Photo: Steve […]