What’s so Technical About Technical Diving?

by Ron Carlo Good question. Or maybe this should be titled “Just What IS Technical Diving?” That’s what I’m going to discuss. Here’s what I’m going to touch on in hopes you’ll come away with a desire to pursue this exciting side of diving: 1. What technical diving is 2. What technical diving encompasses 3. […]

Hogarthian Gear Configuration

The Diver vs. Murphy’s Law by Jeff Petersen 11/2005 Hogarthian diving is generally considered a specific “configuration style ” of back mount cave diving and there are numerous articles out there on the specifics of the Hogarthian configuration. Instead, this article is more about the psychological underpinnings and guiding principals of Hogarthian diving. The Hogarthian […]

Obesity and Diving

by David Colvard, M.D. Obesity is important in diving because of its relationship to fitness, the controversial risk of decompression illness, fit of wetsuit and weights, and coexisting diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. So, how can the obese dive more safely? Let’s start with buoyancy and weight distribution. DIVING IN DEPTH TAGSobesity […]

Drift Decompression Diving

by David Miner Standard drift diving is a specialized form of boat diving allowing you to drift with the underwater currents during your entire dive. The boat is never anchored or moored and follows the group of divers the entire time. The different types of drift diving are: float drift and live boat drift. Float […]

To Go Tech or Not? Part I

Things to consider before going tech! by David Miner Technical diving is a rapidly growing type of diving. Over the last 10 or so years, technical diving has become more mainstream, training agencies have implemented multiple technical certifications, and the diving community has accepted it as an important, safe, and fun type of diving. Today, […]