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Deep Diving

Deep Diving Training Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you get deep diving training?

A number of training organizations offer different types and levels of deep diving training. Training organizations such as, IANTD, GUE, NAUI, PADI, and TDI all offer deep diving training. If you are looking for technical deep diving training, finding a dive shop in your area with technical instructors may be difficult. Typically, only dive shops that categorize themselves as “technical” shops offer this type of training. You may have to travel out of your area to find a dive shop or instructor.

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Deep Diving Overview

Deep diving is sort of a relative term, as a deep dive for one person may not be a deep dive for another. Books have been written about deep diving and there has been much controversy over the years with respect to how to deep dive, what gasses to use, decompression techniques, etc. If you’ve browsed around on some of the training websites, you probably noticed a specialty certification called Deep Diver. What does that mean exactly? For training agencies like NAUI and PADI, this certification teaches you to dive from 60 to 130 feet (18 to 40 m) following no decompression requirements. You also probably noticed that if you were to take an Advanced level certification, you would also be exposed to at least one deep dive.

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Deep Diving Training

Recreational deep diving training

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Recreational deep diving training teaches you to safely dive to a maximum of 130 feet (40 m). Training agencies such as NAUI, PADI, and IANTD offer this type of training. There are two ways to receive deep diving training. Most training organizations teach and require at least one deep dive when taking their advanced level certifications. Most of them also offer a specialty certification called Deep Diver, which also teaches you do dive between 60 and 130 feet (18 to 40 m). For details about each of the courses, contact your instructor or training agency. Each training agency may require different prerequisites and have a different approach to the training. Make sure you understand and are comfortable with the type of training offered. Learning, understanding, and practicing are why you are there, not just to quickly get another certification card.

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Deep Diving Frequently Asked Questions

What is deep diving?

Deep diving can be broken down into two levels: recreational deep diving and technical deep diving. Recreational deep diving is diving to depths between 60 and 130 feet (18 to 40 m) following no decompression requirements. Technical deep diving is diving to depths beyond 130 feet (40 m) using staged decompression methods and the proper gasses, like trimix as the bottom gas and nitrox and oxygen for decompression.

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