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Where are the fish?

by David Miner

Before you can hit the water and start shooting fish, you have to know where to find them and learn their habitats and hideouts. You also need to be aware of the local regulations and laws concerning where and when you can spearfish. Every area and state has different regulations, and it is your job to know what they are. Marine officers don’t except ignorance as an excuse for breaking the local spearfishing laws.

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The Kill Shot

by David Miner

Knowing where to shoot a fish so that it is killed instantly or dies very quickly is extremely important if you want to be an effective, conservation minded spearfisherman. To shoot a fish in its kill zone requires skill, good aim, and experience. If you think you can just go out and buy a speargun and accurately start shooting fish, you’re sadly mistaken. You must be able to aim your speargun, steady and move your speargun smoothly, maintain proper buoyancy, and know when to pull the trigger all while swimming underwater, with a mask on your face and a regulator in your mouth, not to mention the other fish swimming around and near you and in possibly low visibility conditions. Add these all up, and you have a sport that requires practice and experience to be effective.

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