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Scuba Diving Careers

Scuba Diving Careers

Have you ever dreamed of turning your passion, your hobby into a career? Well, with diving, that is a real possibility. When you’re at your local dive shop or on a dive vacation, do you dream of being that person behind the counter or on the boat? Have you thought about getting involved in diving with respect to the work that you do, such as research diving or being a police diver? Have you thought about working underwater as a commercial diver? If so, then you’ve found the right place to learn about the many different diving career opportunities. has put together a list of diving careers providing information about what to expect, think about, and know for the many career possibilities.

If you’re interested in a recreational diving career, the most common jobs are diving instructors, dive masters, dive shop owner or employee, service repair technician, photographer or videographer, writer or editor for a dive publication, dive boat staff, dive charter operator, sales representative for a dive manufacturer, and taking people on guided dives.


If you’re interested in working underwater in a professional level, commercial diving is the most common job.


Some careers require or need you to be trained in scuba diving. Many times, scuba diving is secondary to your primary job, but being a trained diver can open up different career opportunities for you to pursue. Some of these careers are research diving or scientific diving, diving medicine, and being a police diver.

Whether you’re interested in the recreational side of the diving industry or looking to become a commercial diver, there are many career paths that allow you to use and participate in the sport you’ve come love. No matter what career path your looking to take, make sure that you research and understand each aspect of the career before spending the time or money required to be involved.

Happy career exploring!