Steve May

Underwater photography is a natural when you love both diving and photography, but it didn’t quite start out that way. I started diving in 1970 while stationed in California in the Air Force. After about 10 years, I was getting bored with spearfishing and “look-see” diving and looking for something new to do. My Dad […]

Pete Nawrocky

Pete started diving in 1971 exploring the calm, balmy water off of Long Island NY. His interest in photography started in 1976. The equipment available to him was a Minolta SRT 201 in an Ikelite housing with a simarly housed Vivitar 283 flash. “I started photpgraphy to help explain to my parents why I was […]

Eddy Wong

Eddy grew up in tempered coast of Peru, South America. At a very young age he received a snorkeling set as a gift from his father. Inspired by Jacques Cousteau’s documentaries, he spent every summer diving for shells and critters in the Peruvian ocean. His first opportunity to try scuba diving was in 1989, when […]

Chris Kovaz

Chris Kovaz is the owner and founder of CK Photo Tours, and at the age of 22, is already an experienced professional photographer. His love of underwater photography gradually developed after his father, Blaise, helped get him certified as a diver at the age of 12.  After receiving a 2-mega-pixel camera and an Ikelite housing […]

Ron Watkins

Ron Watkins first experienced the thrill of diving at age 15 at Lake Mead, Nevada with his father, who learned how to dive in the Navy during the Korean War aboard the USS Oriskany. Although his father is no longer able to dive, he is able to experience the underwater world through Ron’s photography. Ron […]