Alligator Reef 11/24/06

Location: Alligator Reef, Islamorada, FL Date: 11/24/06 Dive Team: Cynthia, Rodney, Megan, Clay, Dave Number of dives: 1 Average bottom time: 45 min Total bottom time: 45 min Max. Depth: 23 feet Average Depth: 18 feet Visibility: 60-70 feet Water Temperature: 77 F Bottom gas: EAN32 Stage gas: N/A Deco gas: N/A Weather Conditions: Breezy […]

OW Trip Report

Welcome to OW Dive Trip Reports Contact Us to Write a Report about Your Latest Open Water Dive!  Contact is a page on our site. Would you like to share your latest dive adventure with us? Would you like to write a trip report about your experiences and all the fun you had diving? Well, […]