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Alligator Reef 11/24/06

Location: Alligator Reef, Islamorada, FL
Date: 11/24/06
Dive Team: Cynthia, Rodney, Megan, Clay, Dave
Number of dives: 1
Average bottom time: 45 min
Total bottom time: 45 min
Max. Depth: 23 feet
Average Depth: 18 feet
Visibility: 60-70 feet
Water Temperature: 77 F
Bottom gas: EAN32
Stage gas: N/A
Deco gas: N/A
Weather Conditions: Breezy with a small surface chop. Sunny and warm in the 70s F.

Description of dive: Massive amounts of fish on this reef…more than we’ve ever seen. Schooling snapper, grunts, ballyhoo. Seven nurse sharks and seven green morays spotted. Stingrays, grouper, angels, stone fish, lobster, and tropicals of all kinds. This dive was one of the best ever on this reef. The only down side is that the reef is still suffering from Hurricane damage, which will probably take many years to recover from.

OW Trip Report

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