Making a good dive plan

by David Miner In your basic open water certification course, you learned about dive planning and how to properly plan a dive. The dive planning motto is “plan your dive and dive your plan.” You probably heard this a lot in your training course and on your first few dives, but maybe not as much […]

Lessons Learned!

Are you prepared for the environment you’re diving in? by Don Reynolds My best dive buddy, Mike Rowley, lives in Lodi, California. Fortunately, we’re able to get together a few times a year and enjoy the warm waters of the Caribbean. I live in the Northeast (New York), and I’m not real fond of cold […]

I’m Advanced Certified…

So Why All of the Charter Boat Restrictions These Days? by David Miner I’ve been diving for many years with my advanced and nitrox certifications, but lately on a number of different dive charters in different locations, I’ve been restricted by boat captains and/or dive masters to not go below 100 feet and forced to […]

Hogarthian Gear Configuration

The Diver vs. Murphy’s Law by Jeff Petersen 11/2005 Hogarthian diving is generally considered a specific “configuration style ” of back mount cave diving and there are numerous articles out there on the specifics of the Hogarthian configuration. Instead, this article is more about the psychological underpinnings and guiding principals of Hogarthian diving. The Hogarthian […]

Why DEMA Should be Open to the Public

At least for a couple of days anyway! by David Miner DEMA (Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association) is the only international diving trade show where thousands of diving professionals congregate for four days to immerse themselves in the diving industry. DEMA is all about diving! Diving equipment manufacturers, dive travel businesses, diving educators, and diving professionals […]