Ice Diving Overview

Some people may ask why you would ever want to dive in 32 degree Fahrenheit water under a sheet of ice. There are several reasons why divers descend into the frigid water and explore below a sheet of ice with a hole cut in it. One of the reasons is the clarity of the water. […]

Ice Diving FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions What is ice diving? Ice diving is cutting a hole in thick ice on a lake or other body of water and descending underneath the ice. Ice diving is obviously diving in very cold water and requires special equipment and procedures. Why would you want to ice dive? One of the reasons […]

Ice Diving Contribute Your Own Articles

Click Here to Submit Your Own Ice Diving Article! Articles in this section are geared toward ice diving, but can provide useful information to every diver. Articles about training, how to, ice dives, etc. are just a few of the many topics that can be found in this section. As a member of, you […]

Ice Diving Training

Ice diving is cutting a hole in the ice on a lake or other body of water and descending below the ice. There is a good bit to learn before you should start ice diving. A good team that is knowledgeable about every aspect about ice diving is important. There is some special gear and […]