Cave Diving for the Silver Screen

by Andreas W. Matthes Cave diving in Romania is something not offered all the time and when friend, Underwater cave cinematographer and photographer Wes Skiles of Karst Production was asking me some years back during a NSS-CDS cave diving convention in Lake City, Florida if I like to go cave diving in Romania naturally I […]

Setting up and attaching side mount cylinders

Diagrams below by Curt Bowen Proper set-up of your side mount cylinders is essential to maintain proper buoyancy and streamlining. Cylinders mounted on your side must be positioned correctly for ease of use, safety, comfort, and proper swimming techniques. If your cylinders are hanging low and riding on your torso, the ability to navigate tight […]

Cave Diving on Merritts Mill Pond

by David Miner Merritts Mill Pond is located just outside Marianna, Florida in the Panhandle part of the state. It is easily accessed via I-10 from either the east or west. Merritts Mill Pond is over four miles of crystal clear water, beautiful cypress trees, and steep hills lining its banks. The Pond’s beauty can […]

Hogarthian Gear Configuration

The Diver vs. Murphy’s Law by Jeff Petersen 11/2005 Hogarthian diving is generally considered a specific “configuration style ” of back mount cave diving and there are numerous articles out there on the specifics of the Hogarthian configuration. Instead, this article is more about the psychological underpinnings and guiding principals of Hogarthian diving. The Hogarthian […]

Accident analysis and safe cave diving

Accident analysis over the years has played a big role in developing the safety guidelines for safe cave diving. The NSS-CDS in the late 1970s organized a study of the cave diving fatalities for which information existed. As a result of this study, Sheck Exley discovered that three primary safety violations accounted for, at least […]