Andrew Dawson

After scuba diving for the first time in 1994, Andrew Dawson realized he had found his true passion, and has been pursuing underwater photography ever since.  He has traveled extensively to various diving hot-spots around the world, including Fiji, British Columbia, the Caribbean and Bahamas, Cocos Island, the Galapagos, Mexico, and California.

Andrew’s personal journey is fueled by his desire to educate people about marine life and issues related to our oceans.  He recognizes that at a time when marine ecosystems are under enormous threa, the worst damage being done is unseen by most of humankind.  The ability to open people’s eyes to the hidden beauty and power of the ocean is underwater photography’s greatest promise.

The primary camera system Andrew used for most of these images was a Nikon F4 in an Aquatica housing, along with Ikelite strobes.  His favorite lenses are the Nikkor 18mm/3.5 for wide-angle, and the 105mm/2.8 Macro for close-up work.  He says, “I haven’t been in a big hurry to make the switch to digital, since I had serious misgivings about the quality of the early systems.  Since DSLR’s have certainly matured into something usable now, I’m sure I’ll take the plunge in the near future, although it will mean basically building a whole new system from scratch.  And part of me will always miss the look of film…”

Andrew’s images have been featured in various scuba magazines, calendars, and websites, and are represented by SuperStock Inc.  He lives in Los Angeles, California, where he makes his living doing voice-overs and sound design for the entertainment industry.


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